Only 24 hour transfer from Rosemead Guest House to Gatwick is guaranteed.  If you are coming to stay and your plane, train, coach arrives at Gatwick between 16.00 and 22.00 and I am on duty then I will collect you.  Outside these hours transfers are not included, you will have to get a taxi.


Please make a note of which Terminal you are in - at the bottom of the notice board with the list of hotels, guest houses, accommodation - it states which terminal you are at, so make note of it as you will be asked when you ring to be collected!!  The free-phone number for Rosemead Guest House is 89320.


The Rosemead Guest House vehicle is a Hyundai i-40 Tourer, the colour is metallic silver and the car registration is GY12PCV.  There should be Rosemead Guest House signs on the doors.


I may have my mobile telephone with me so if you are having difficulties finding the bus stop, cannot see my car, or realise that you are at the wrong terminal, the number is

07785 978731.  Do not try using this number on a free phone.


If you arrive by plane, you should collect your luggage and clear customs before calling as it is not a meet and greet service. The guest house is 5 minutes from the airport so it will not take long to come and collect you.


If you are arriving by coach, it is easier to get off at the SOUTH Terminal and make your way to the courtesy bus stop 10. If you are arriving by train, you come into the SOUTH Terminal.



From the Gatwick South Terminal


Follow signs to exit the terminal and make your way down to the Ground level until you reach the pavement.  Turn left and walk along until you see BUS STOP No.9.  Located on one of the pillars is a yellow phone, enter the free phone code – 89320, and then make you way to BUS STOP 10 to await collection.



From the Gatwick North Terminal


Exit the terminal building at ARRIVALS Level, turn RIGHT and walk along the path until you reach the building then turn left and walk up until you see BUS STOP No.8.  There is a notice board with a list of number.  Look for ROSEMEAD GUEST HOUSE and dial the free phone code stated – 89320.


You cannot dial the guest house number from this phone!  Once you have called from the Freephone walk up to BUS STOP 9 where we will collect you.   We cannot stop or wait; if we have to come up to the airport to collect you twice, you will be charged for the second time!


If I am out for the evening or on holiday then transfers will not be available so you will need to use a taxi.

You are welcome to telephone the local firms; their telephone numbers are:


DSM A2B: 01293 – 820820


Carline: 01293 – 430430


Colin's A2B: 07787-960865


Otherwise, the Gatwick Airport Taxis operate from outside the building. They are obviously more expensive than the local taxi firms as they have to pay for operating out of Gatwick.




SURREY, RH6 7EY     TEL. 01293 784965

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